School hours

From Monday until Friday our students come to school and work in a continuous schedule. De children take their own lunch and eat at school with their own teacher.

Monday             8:30 AM – 14:15 PM
Tuesday             8:30 AM – 14:15 PM
Wednesday        8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Thursday            8:30 AM – 14:15 PM
Friday                 8:30 AM – 14:15 PM

Calling in sick
If your child is sick, you need to call us before 8:30 PM. Our assistant Hans (concierge) will pass it on to the teacher. Arriving late is worrisome for your child and will be registered as unauthorized absence.

School holidays, study days and other activities are planned in the yearly school calendar.

Leave of absence
If your child needs leave, you have to hand in the leave request with the teacher or the principal, Geert van Stiphout.
To grant the leave, we use the rights of exemption, as is determined by the municipality of Eindhoven.