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Thank you for showing interest in our special needs primary school which provides a suitable learning environment where you can learn and grow according to your abilities.

De reis van Brandaan offers a quiet and clear setting with devoted teammembers who are always ready to help you. At our school, we want you to just be yourself!

You learn how to read, write and math but also how to interact with other children in a harmonious way. Subjects such as science, technology, world orientation and handcrafts give you the opportunity to experiment and design.Therefore you learn a lot more with us!

In 2018, we won the Technology award for best school which implemented technology and science to their curriculum. Parents have rated De Reis van Brandaan with an 8.4 (on a scale of 1-10) and children say they really feel comfortable and enjoy coming every day.

You can find more information about our school in our school guide.

Feel welcome at our school!

Reach out to us by phone: +31(0)42111822

Or mail me, the principal Geert van Stiphout